Whitewater Rafting Duluth, Minnesota: Geology of the St. Louis River

Chances are if you decided to click on the link for this blog you might laugh at bad geology puns like the simple but proven oldie “geology rocks”. Really? You want geology puns? Let me dig some up! Insert laugh. You are not a nerd if you like puns or want to learn about geology. […]

Whitewater Rafting Duluth, Minnesota: Ecology of the St. Louis River

Whitewater rafting near Duluth, Minnesota on the St. Louis River will take you through northern hardwood and coniferous forests, typical of the Northern Lakes and Forests Ecoregion. Majestic red and white pines tower over the river like sentinels of the past. Giving us an idea of what northeastern Minnesota forests looked like before the axe […]

Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking in Duluth, Minnesota: 7 Essential Reasons to Whitewater Paddle

Whitewater Rafting and kayaking in Duluth, Minnesota is actually easy to get into with the abundance of lakes and rivers. I first got into paddling by canoeing with my father as a little kid. I enjoyed cruising along in the canoe watching the shore pass by. I loved the beautiful places it took us; each […]

Ecoadventure—Adventure and Environmental Education: Whitewater Rafting Duluth, Minnesota

While we were whitewater rafting near Duluth, Minnesota on the St. Louis River, a large dragonfly landed on the side of the raft. A young woman sitting in the middle of the raft amongst her family raised her hand intent on squashing the insect. “Wait! They eat mosquitoes, deer flies and horse flies!” I said. […]