Published: Mar 11, 2016

Capturing Your Duluth Whitewater Experience

Swiftwater Adventures

Whitewater rafting isn’t the first thing to pop into your mind when you picture Duluth, Minnesota. Most people expect to see canal park, a few ore boats, and be on their way. They don’t realize that there’s world class whitewater waiting just 15 minutes south of town! At Swiftwater Adventures we provide a fully guided experience from start to finish. This also includes a photographer who specializes in capturing the thrill and excitement of your trip so that you’ll always picture whitewater when you think of us here in Duluth.

Safety is always our number one priority, with fun coming in a close second. Part of that fun is being able to share the awesome memories made rafting with your friends and family. Or if you just want to brag about all the big rapids you crashed through, that’s OK too (the guides know the truth about how you laid on the floor of the raft in fetal position most of the time but we know how to keep those secrets). Our photographer scouts out the best angles to shoot from depending on the water levels and time of day to ensure that the best action of the day is captured, and that you look good while doing it! There are also opportunities to have a group photo taken while we break halfway through the trip.

After the trip you can relax inside the River Inn (right next door to our building) with food and drinks while we show all the photos we took. If you’re up in the air about sticking around for it, I can say that no one ever regrets it. Usually there are some funny faces and great action. The guides may even jump in to help point out those awkward moments but it’s all in good fun. You’ll get to relive the big rapids, but often the most fun are the pictures from when we turn the rafts upstream and “surf” a river wave. This usually results in lots of big splashes coming over the front of the boat and some great facial expressions–especially when that first big one crashes over you.

Many people choose to simply enjoy the photo show, but others may be interested in purchasing pictures afterwards as well. Our pictures are taken by an experienced photographer with top notch equipment so that if you decide to take photos home with you, they’ll be the kind of high quality pictures you blow up and hang on the wall. Our pricing is also extremely competitive. In fact, we charge about half compared to most other companies around the country. We simply feel that it’s important for you to document something that’s out of the ordinary for most people, yet so much fun. We have pricing on a per pictures basis or a fixed price for all of the photos from the trip. Feel free to ask any of the guides or photographer for details.

Of course, you’re always welcome to bring your own camera along, and you’re NEVER under any obligation to buy photos. Heck, you can even ask the photographer to take a group shot with your camera and he’ll be more than happy to do it. We just know that after a great experience whitewater rafting with us, you’ll want to remember it for a lifetime.

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