Published: Dec 17, 2019

Experiences Are the Best Gift to Give AND Get!!

Most of you reading this probably aren’t seven year old kids hoping for a new Frozen 2 action figure or a Baby Yoda under the Christmas tree this year…well maybe the Baby Yoda or whatever he actually is, he is pretty cute. Anyways, what are you planning to give as gifts this holiday season to those you care about? With that in mind: How many of the gifts that you have received over the years did you actually need, actually ever used, or even remember? Sure, some are practical like socks, or a new coffee maker, but a lot of it piled up in your closet, basement or garage never again to see the light of day or is now taking up space in a landfill. Simply put: things don’t last but experiences create memories that do.

A 2010 study by Cornell University and the National Science Foundation concluded that the joy from new material possessions is short lived while memories of an experience lasts as does the joy and happiness of it. Not only do these positive experiences create lasting memories but they also help foster lasting social connections. Overall, you get more enduring happiness from experiences than things.

When it comes to experiences, ADVENTURE is the ultimate memory maker.

I recall a post raft trip conversation from this past September. Back at Swiftwater head quarters as guests are milling about, I overheard a family talking. One of the younger kids, about 12 years old said,

‘Hey dad, remember when aunt Debra got turtled at the Electric Ledge!?’

The dad says, ‘That was hilarious! All I remember is crashing into that wave and then Debra was like two seats back!’

Don’t worry Debra is alive and had a blast! This family is likely to laugh or tell stories about this at family get togethers for who knows how long? Quick side note:  the Electric Ledge can at times have a rather powerful wave that can push people over or out of the raft: this is why we preach leaning into waves. Getting turtled is when a person gets knocked backwards in the raft, ending up on their back with their arms and legs flailing around, like a turtle on its back. Don’t worry, it’s normal.

When we take people out on our whitewater rafting trips our mission is to give people a memorable, interactive adventure. Besides training our guides in reading whitewater, swiftwater rescue techniques, and of course being capable raft captains, we also train them in giving you an immersive experience. We want you to interact with your surroundings as much as possible to enhance your personal adventure.

We try to give you multiple mini adventures within the raft trip, from surfing to swimming, running the rapids, to our knowledge of natural history of the river, if you put in the effort you will get a positive experience.

This Holiday season, or anytime this winter, give the gift of an adventure experience and be sure to invite yourself along too! Purchasing a gift certificate is easy with Swiftwater Adventures, its digital. On our home page scroll down to the green ‘Buy Gift Card’ button, click on it and follow the easy online purchase process. Your gift certificate can be gifted electronically via email so you don’t have to mail or wrap anything!

Create a lasting memory with your friends and family! See you on the river!

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