Published: Jan 05, 2017

Saturday Winter Fat Tire Biking Tours

Have you ever wanted to try fat tire biking but were afraid to try it out on your own? This 2 ½ hour tour is a great introduction to the world of fat tire biking, plus you will get to explore the winter woods of beautiful Jay Cooke St. Park or the adjacent Mission Creek trails, just 15 minutes south of Duluth.


Fat biking is fun on so many levels. For starters, if it’s a luck luster snow year for skiing then you can still get out and enjoy the outdoors. Even if it’s a stellar snow year groomed biking trails follow the contours of the land making for an exciting ride.


A lot of people think that it’s too cold to bike in the winter. Well, as long as you dress correctly—a base layer of poly or fleece, and insulating layer such as wool or fleece, then an outer shell—you will be toasty as people tend to generate some heat while biking. We stop often enough to make sure everyone is doing good, warm, hydrated, and happy.


We cater the trip to your group’s ability and current snow and trail conditions to offer you the safest and most fun trip possible. Our guides are trained adventure naturalists, meaning they have the skills and experience to keep you safe and to offer you a fist class nature experience.

Price $60/person. Includes:

  • Fat tire bike
  • Helmet
  • Snacks and warm beverage
  • Guided instruction and nature tour
  • Day pass to Jay Cooke St. Park

Our fat bike tours are offered January into March. Minimum age of 11 years old.

Meet at: Swiftwater Adventures 121 Vermilion Street in Carlton, MN. Just 15 minutes south of Duluth, MN. From here we venture either into Jay Cooke St. Park or Mission Creek trails. We choose where ever is the better ride for current conditions and on the group’s abilities.

Sign up for one of our Saturday fat bike tours today!

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