Published: Jun 08, 2017

Swiftwater Adventures: What New in 2017?

Ok, a few things are the same: we are focused on offering you the best possible professionally guided whitewater rafting trips on the St. Louis River with your fun and safety as our number one goal. That hasn’t changed. Although, we strive towards excellence every year.

We are getting better every year and training our guides to enhance your experience. We strive to make your trip a wilderness and whitewater adventure! We truly believe we offer one of the best adventures in the Duluth area. Come see for yourself!

Whitewater kayaking: we will be offering whitewater kayaking lessons and an introduction trip again this year. For people’s first time in a whitewater kayak we push them towards the Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking. This 2 ½ hour experience will teach you some basic strokes and concepts, the wet exit and the opportunity (challenge by choice) to run a couple of class II(+) rapids.

After the intro, if kayaking strikes your fancy, then we offer lessons and can help push you in the right direction to meet other kayakers. Either way, we can offer you a whitewater adventure near Duluth, MN.

Kayak and and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) rentals on Thomson Reservoir

The Thomson Reservoir is like a miniature Boundary Waters Canoe Area with rocky islands, tall pines and wildlife, except you don’t need a permit for this adventure. The reservoir is formed from the upper St. Louis River and the Thomson Dam creating a beautiful 470 acre lake.

Our office and adventure center located at 121 Vermilion Street in Carlton,MN is only a block away from the Thomson Reservoir. If you don’t have the means to move the kayaks or SUPs our staff can drop them off at the reservoir for you. So whether you are camping in Jay Cooke St. Park just down the road or staying in Duluth we are close by for a paddling adventure.

Fishing Trips with our friend Farout Flyfishing

Our rafting and fishing buddy Brian Porter knows how to paddle and land fish. Try fly fishing for small mouth bass on the St. Louis River this summer! Visit his website to hook into a good time:

We offer a variety of paddling adventures for you in 2017. Whether its whitewater rafting on the St. Louis River near Duluth, MN or whitewater kayaking, a serene paddle on the Thomson Reservoir, or a fly fishing trip on the St. Louis, summer is hear and the time is now!

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